Protecting Your Invenstment

Powder Coating Solutions offers the coating of steel, using a free-flowing, dry powder. The powder is positively charged and is applied at high temperatures. The coating adds another layer of protection to the steel which encounters high corrosive liquids and/or gas. We are one of few companies that provide this service locally. Our clean, controlled environment and state of the art technology provides you with excellent results.


PCS has the latest technology in Electrostatic Powder Coating equipment, and has partnered with GEMA Powder Coating, Inc for the development of Lances and other equipment that specialize in the uniform internal coating of pipe. With our 42 foot ovens and paint booth, we are capable of coating full joints/fabrication in a fraction of the time. PCS is also equipped with all ELCOMETER Meters that are calibrated to industry specifications. In addition, we have two 40-foot goose neck trailers for pick-up and delivery.

Fast Turnaround

PCS generally aims for the quickest turnaround times. However, rush jobs are available for an additional fee with prior approval, as a result of an unequaled flexibility to handle quick turnarounds of varying sizes and quantities, PCS is organized to help project managers make up lost time on sensitive projects.

Cathodic protetion

PCS now offers a wide selection of sacrificial and impressed anodes to meet your project specifications, in addition to adhesives, tapes, wraps and composite repair systems to prevent and repair damage, corrosion and leaks.


PCS services include:

  • Internal coating of piping/fabrications 
  • External coating of piping/fabrications
  • Fusion Bond coating of piping/fabrications
  • Full line of Cathodic Protection install and servicing
  • Onsite holiday testing
  • Heater Treater/ pressure vessels Anodes (30" & 60", Flanged, Hanging, Ball)
  • Tank Anodes
  • Magnesium Bag Anodes
  • CP Test Stations

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