GAMA Hydro

Our Hydro Service can assist in your most convenient matter in both an enclosed climate-controlled environment @ our Code Stamp Shop & most onsite locations within our range. All options/capabilities are listed below please Note: all our hydrostatic equipment is routinely calibrated & certified every 6 six month or as needed. After concluding each hydro test a Hydrostatic Data Package shall be completed, copies of such documents will be turn over both hard copy and digitally via email.


Hydrostatic Testing Mobile Unit Options/Capabilities:      

• 0 – 10kpsi Hydrostatic Testing Procedure                   

• Digital Dead Weight Crystal Gauges
• Chart Recorders • Dead Weight Scale (Optional Upon Request)

• Turn Over Hydro Data Package Service

• Wi-Fi/Cell Booster 

• Printer/Scanner

• Enclosed climate-controlled cab